On 1 October 1965 an alleged coup attempt took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. A small group of military tried to seize power and six army generals were killed. What precisely happened and who was really responsible has never been established. General Suharto crushed the possible coup attempt within days and blamed the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) for masterminding the coup attempt.  A nationwide campaign of human rights violations was carried out against all those considered members of the PKI and suspected sympathisers.

According to different estimates, the number of victims may well have reached half a million deaths. Killings, arrests, torture and disappearances lasted for several years; arbitrary detention and forced labour for more than ten years. Discrimination lasts until today, fifty years later.
This website makes accessible the original documentation that Amnesty International has researched, analysed and used for its activities in support of prisoners of conscience, against unfair trials, the death penalty, forced labour and other human rights violations. It is structured as an overview of the time and place, the type of human rights violations and type of documents. The information on the new website on  is limited to the documents that provide information related to the 1965 tragedy covering the period 1967 until  2016. A complete overview of the more recent reports covering all issues of concern to Amnesty International in Indonesia can be found on


The structure of this website is focused on the human rights violations that have occurred since 1965. The information is retrievable under the following aspects:
1. Year of the human rights violation
2. Place of the human rights violation or prison camp
3. Type of the human rights violation
4. Type of the document by Amnesty International that describes the human rights violation
5. Affiliation of the victim of the human rights violation
6. Religion of the victim
7. Ethnicity of the victim
8. Judicial procedure / Legislation


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